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Experienced guidance in helping your healthcare facility legitimately secure the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

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We specialize in helping nursing homes and long-term care facilities claim their ERC.

In a business landscape filled with confusing financial jargon and the unfortunate prevalence of misleading claims, understanding the complexities of the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) can be daunting. We don’t inflate expectations; we deliver realistic outcomes and turn away those we believe won’t qualify, upholding our commitment to trust and transparency.

We not only simplify the process but ensure thoroughness in every step:

  • Comprehensive interpretation of ERC legislation, including crucial factors beyond mere gross receipts.
  • Rigorous assessment of your compliance with CMS guidelines and state executive orders.
  • Strong audit assistance that confidently withstands any IRS scrutiny.

Your Journey to Maximized Tax Credits:

Our 5-Step Process for Employee Retention Credit (ERC)






Our team conducts a thorough qualification and evaluation process to ascertain your eligibility for the Employee Retention Credit.

During our introductory call, we take the time to learn about your business and assess potential opportunities for tax credits.

Within 30 days, we gather all necessary information, including payroll data, details of business operations during the pandemic, and periods of partial shutdown.

We calculate the credits and we provide a comprehensive, audit protection narrative.

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop after delivery. We offer continued support, providing audit  assistance in addressing any future inquiries from the IRS.

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Demystifying ERC for Long Term Care Facilities

Yes. Essential business, like nursing homes, can qualify through gross receipts or a partial (or total) shutdown.

Yes. Initially, accepting the Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) disqualified you from the ERC. However Congress lifted that restriction and retroactively allowed employers to receive both.

Yes. The ERC is available to large and small businesses, there is just a different qualifying criteria.

Yes. Non-profits can qualify for the ERC too.

Even industries that were in high demand during the pandemic, such as nursing homes, logistics companies and supermarkets, are eligible. Every business was impacted by COVID-19; most will qualify for some portion of this credit.

No. It is either a 20% decline in sales OR a suspension in operation. If your company experienced either, you still qualify.

The IRS put a moratorium on ERC claims starting September 14, 2023 until beginning of 2024. However, they are still processing claims but at a slower rate given the volume of submissions. Companies can still file during the moratorium, however the claim will not be reviewed until early 2024. 

Feedback from our Clients

I really appreciate all you do to maximize our credits. You are a fabulous partner!
VP, Corporate HR
Genesis Healthcare
Before partnering with Hiring Incentives to run our tax credit programs, we used a nationally recognized payroll provider. We switched to Hiring Incentives because of their leadership, expertise, and one-on-one approach.
VP of HR
Avante Group, Inc.

Filing for the ERC Takes Time

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The deadline for retroactive refunds is rapidly approaching. Seize this opportunity to reward your dedicated staff, invest in your facility, and bolster your financial stability.

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