Hiring Incentives Inc. (HII), a Washington D.C. area based firm, was first established in 2008 and has been a leader in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) space since its inception. HII’s founders have their roots in tax credits going back to 1989 with their highly successful predecessor company, TBT Enterprises. HII has been innovative and created its own cutting-edge WOTC screening and reporting tools that are easy for CPA’s, CEO’s, Tax Professionals, HR personnel, and CFO’s to read and understand. Our reporting process is proactive and set up to maximize the WOTC at the same time as reducing administrative burden

HII is CPA owned; they not only understand how to assist a company in qualifying for the WOTC, they also know how to capture the credit on your taxes. HII’s team of top WOTC experts knows the idiosyncrasies of the credit because since before its inception in 1996, they have worked closely with Congress to develop and expand the WOTC program. Since HII has been part of the legislative process helping to enact program changes, they are able to understand the impact each WOTC program expansion would have on their clients.

No other WOTC provider has more experience than HII.

Management Team

John Doran

President and CEO

John served as the senior tax executive for a Fortune 500 company for more than 15 years. He is a long-standing member of the Tax Executive Institute and a founding member of National Employment Opportunities Network (NEON), an association formed in 1996 that’s responsible for developing, extending and expanding certain employer-related programs. He is the founder of Hiring Incentives, Inc., and has helped clients realize their employment and tax possibilities since 1989. John is a CPA, a graduate of the University of Richmond and holds a Masters Degree from Hood College.

Raj Gill

SVP of Corporate Development

Raj is a co-founder of Hiring Incentives, Inc. As the leader of Hiring Incentives, he developed the systems for identifying, capturing and maximizing employment tax credits for clients. Raj is a member of NEON/NEOG through which he works to develop and expand job-related tax credit programs. Raj holds a BA degree from Gettysburg College.

Tina Nguyen

SVP of Operations

Tina is a co-founder of Hiring Incentives, Inc. and  leads our well-trained and experienced staff. Prior to her role with Hiring Incentives, Tina was a former tax executive with a major Fortune 500 company. Tina uses her CPA and MBA to fulfill her passion for reducing costs for her clients.