February 9, 2018

US Government is running again… and so are the expired Tax Extenders (sort of)

The government shut down overnight for a few hours and then reopened once the Senate and House passed their two-year budget agreement and President Trump signed it into law making it official.

As part of the that agreement, all of the expired Tax Extenders (including the Empowerment Zone and Indian Employment Tax Credit programs) were retroactively renewed for a one-year period through 12/31/2017.  So, they were reauthorized for an additional year (2017), but they are not currently in effect for 2018.  It is expected that debate on renewing them for this year will be done sometime in the coming months to determine their place in the code going forward.

We’ll be updating the credits for those clients that have locations in the EZs or IEC areas.  I would also expect at some point later in the year, DOL will issue a TEGL that reauthorizes the states to process WOTC submissions for those hired in 2017 that are qualified under the EZ portion of the DCR target group.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me.


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